“All the universal time won`t be enough for me to admire her to satiety, to get drunk of her tenderness, to fill my lungs with the alluring flavor of my most intimate person – my soulmate, the only woman I have ever loved.”




What Readers Say

It’s a very emotional and sensual love story. It has everything: joy, sorrow, envy, disappointment, omissions, distrust of each other, forgiveness, parting and LOVE…

Zalina Belimgotova

Reader of the ‘Monogamy’.

Thank you so much for the tears, for the torn (uneven) heart rhythm, for a bunch of complex emotions, and for a breath-taking (marvelous) intensity of  this story!

Nataly Shadrina

Reader of the ‘Monogamy’.

Such a work cannot be missed out (skipped, left out); it is like losing or not comprehending something very important.


Reader of the ‘Monogamy’.

The book is entrancing, it does not leave your thoughts and feelings for a long time. I’m thrilled and captivated by this story!


Reader of the ‘Monogamy’.


Victoria Sobolev is the author of four bestselling series and one standalone novel that have gained her thousands of followers on Russian indie platforms and a ‘Monogamy’ fan club.

bOOks... bOOks... bOOks....

Victoria was born in Ukraine, but spent most of her life living in Moldova until immigrating to Canada in 2017 with her husband and two children. She currently lives in Vancouver, British Columbia.
Victoria believes in true love and soulmates just as much as she does in working hard at marriage. Travelling is her passion, but she thinks there is no safer or calmer place for a woman than her man’s shoulder.  Learn more…


Book Author.

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